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Bruno Chapinotti


Bruno’s father, Mauri Chapinotti was an auto part merchant and Mercedes dealer who developed a love for racing Go-Karts in the early 80’s. Little did he know that this son would too, share that same love for the sport and also possess a natural gift for racing. In 1989 at only 8 years old and encouraged by his family, Bruno starts his racing debut in the world of “Go Karts”.

From his very first race, Bruno surprises everyone by winning title after title. His love for racing increases and his passion for the sport reaches new heights. Bruno and his neighbourhood friends Cristiano da Matta and Raphael Matos would often hang out and race one another for practice. Bruno competed against many other well known racers today. It was therefore no surprise to anyone when he became the “Brazilian Formula Cart Champion”.

His early racing career afforded him much travel throughout the US, Europe and his birthplace, Brazil. Everything was looking up until that one terrible day. In 1996, Bruno’s father suffered a tragic accident and died suddenly, bringing Bruno’s racing career to an abrupt halt. Mauri Chapinotti’s passing left Bruno and the rest of his family heartbroken and devastated. The family’s ordeal brought on multiple setbacks and Bruno had to put his career on hold.

Despite those difficult times, Bruno is once again racing and putting the pieces back together. Having been a champion before and selected for the GT3 Porsche Cup 2015 season , Bruno has every reason to be back on top again.

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